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The international certification ACCREDIA UNITER certifies the quality of the professional according to the UNI-PdR 61:2019 Reference Practice, with a system accredited by ACCREDIA, the only Italian national body recognized in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard, at the highest level currently possible in Italy and recognized internationally.

“The certification offers customers guarantees on the abilities of a professional to operate with competence and professionalism because these are attested through a third-party and independent evaluation process. The certification body also checks the maintenance over time of these requirements by verifying the necessary updates, absence of complaints, and compliance with the code of ethics. The certification, therefore, confers a real competitive advantage on the market to those who possess it compared to other non-certified parties and represents a commitment for the professional towards all stakeholders.”

Possessing the UNI PdR 61 certification makes a difference in one’s business, conducted in a serious and professional manner, compared to what many pseudo-improvised wedding planners do. In Italy, quality has been certified since 2021 to protect all customers, both national and international.

My clients are often international, and I can understand how difficult it is to rely on a professional who lives in a different country and far from their own. Clients entrust me with one of the most important days of their lives, and my commitment is to provide them with everything they need to feel surrounded by an exclusive and professional environment, to make them feel protected and unique. Thanks to a system that verifies the quality of my work every year.

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